Resa Shore, financial coach

I’m a straight talking (no BS!) money coach who gets a real charge out of helping you get in control of your money and eliminating the happiness-sucking anxiety that’s keeping you up at night.

You are a smart, hardworking successful professional who earns a good income and can’t figure out why your finances are so screwed up, or how to climb out of this mess. Savings and retirement seem like a total impossibility, and taxes send your stress level off the charts .

You’ve tried everything you know to get your finances on track, but the changes never stick and soon you’re back at square one. Again.

I am a born problem solver and I have a built in compass when it comes to personal money management. I possess an unusual mix of strong intuitive ability and concrete sequential thinking that makes me empathetic to where you are, yet laser focused on the realities of your finances.  And I love the process of collaboration with someone to make their life better and happier.

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What that means is that I know how to help you figure out what the real problems are that are causing your money problems and how to create a healthy financial life. No more nights wondering where your money is going or if you can pay your bills.

My Journey

Often our money beliefs are created  in childhood and the repercussions from those beliefs can last a lifetime.

When I was growing up, my parents suffered severe financial difficulties. I’m sure they tried to keep this worry under wraps to protect me, but the underlying anxiety permeated our household.  Without real knowledge or explanation, I was left to process the feelings through my own filters of childhood understanding. My own flawed interpretations left me terrified of never having enough money.

As a result, I was determined to have enough money, and I became very good at it!  I worked my way through college and graduate school. With MBA in hand, I started in the corporate world, and then grew a successful business from the ground up. No matter what my financial situation was though, the fear that was the basis of my relationship with money didn’t change.

I was relentless in growing my savings and always paying my bills. When my business became very successful, and my savings had grown, and kept growing, my fears didn’t subside.

For whatever reason, I had an epiphany one day.  I was at a restaurant and about to order “the cheaper entree” because what I really wanted cost $5 dollars more. I was suddenly hit with the realization that I had a six figure savings account, was earning a six figure income and was actually not going to eat the dinner I wanted (again!) because of $5.00.  

It’s then that I became crystal clear that money can be a lot less about numbers and a lot more about our emotions and relationship to money.  (You can be sure that I order what I want for dinner now!)

I felt compelled to understand why people do what they do with money, along with how they do it. The dots started connecting for me. My experiences, education and knowledge moved me along a new career path and I became a Certified Financial Recovery coach.

My mission: I’ll help you, not only get out of debt, build your savings or resolve conflict with your partner, but help you create a healthy relationship with your money that will change your life. I am fiercely committed to helping you put an end to your money worries so you can get on to living your happiest life.

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