When spring flowers bloom, we seem to sprout motivation to freshen up our lives. Luckily that often translates to purging closets, organizing garages, and cleaning windows. How about taking the same approach with your money. It will put a spring in your financial step!

spring clean your money health

Here are a few things you can do give your finances a housecleaning:

1. Get Your Finances Organized.

If you don’t have a system in place for budgeting there’s no way you can stay on top of your finances.

Make sure you have a system for tracking expenses and income. It doesn’t have to be a complicated system. It can be as easy as using paper and pencil, or there are plenty of online programs to help such as MintYNAB, or moneyminderonline.

Staying organized can save you money and keep you in the black all year.

2. Purge your Paperwork.

Even though I’m set up with online banking and auto pay, paper seems to materialize constantly! It makes me nuts. I know I’m not alone.
Yes, we do have to keep some financial documents, but we can toss an awful lot. Here’s a great article about what to keep or toss.

3. Clean up your Credit Cards.

51c84f8b-9129-4372-8a58-437864bb4303Failing to be vigilant with credit card statements can be ugly (and I see this kind of thing often):

My client, Cindy, had purchased some skin care products and discovered about a year later that she was being charged $30 a month for the “program” (which she never signed up for in the first place!) And she never even received product after the first month!

She wasted $360 by ignoring her billing statements.

Subscriptions, memberships or contracts can automatically renew without us realizing it. And, excuse my cynicism, but it’s intentional with some companies.

So review your credit card statements meticulously. Cancel or question anything that shouldn’t be there.

4. Review monthly expenses.

e4cd2c79-003a-40f4-925c-3c5986c29475I know it’s the biggest pain ever to get on the phone with internet, phone and other service providers (Makes me want to scream!) But, generally, you can save money by checking statements for errors, asking for promotional rates, changing your plans or all of the above.

You might sacrifice an hour to frustration, but if you save $25 a month, figure that’s $300 hr. for your time! Well worth it.

The last time I forced myself to suffer through this process, I managed to save a total of $50 month. I much rather have that $600 in my pocket than AT&Ts or Verizon’s!

So, by all means clean your closets, but don’t stop there. Put a little elbow grease into cleaning up your finances and you might be surprised by how good they look.