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You don’t want to spend sleepless nights obsessing about money, but you just can’t help it.

You earn a good income but can’t figure out where it goes. You try sticking to a budget, and it never works. You hate having credit card debt, but you can’t seem to pay it off.

Savings and retirement seem like a total impossibility, and taxes send your stress level off the charts. You avoid talking about money with your spouse because of the tension when you do.

You’ve tried everything you know to get your finances on track, but the changes never stick and soon you’re back at square one. Again.

To put it mildly, finances are making you miserable.

What you really want is to:

  • Relieve the stress and anxiety around money.
  • Get out of debt once and for all.
  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Save for the important things in life like vacations, retirement and college.
  • Get rid of the tension with your spouse about money
  • Feel confident about handling your money.

Who I work with:

As a money coach, I work with successful professionals who are struggling with their money and live in a constant state of anxiety. They are ready to put an end to their money worries and get on with living a happy life.

I help you get in control of your finances and end your money worries for good.

I was making a great income and assumed that would solve my worries. Instead, my credit card debt increased, and I kept spending. I was depressed and anxious about not saving and felt like such a failure around my money. Working with Resa really changed my life. I was able to get clarity on where my money was going, and saw how often I sabotaged myself. I learned how attitudes I absorbed from my parents became unhealthy for me. I am in a wonderful place financially now and that would never have happened without Resa’s help.S. Kaplan, Operations Manager

As a result of working with a money coach, you can:

  • Know exactly where your money is going so you are in control of your finances.
  • Have a plan to pay off debt and keep current with taxes so that you are not paying for the past with your future.
  • Increase savings so you can handle unexpected expenses and know that retirement, college and vacations are possible.
  • Have a strategy to communicate better with your spouse about money so you can stop arguing.
  • Identify your financial goals and learn how to achieve them so you can have the life you want.



I offer one on one packages tailored to your needs.


1. Jumpstart Your Money Health 

90 minute One-On-One Intensive Session

Who is this right for?
You’ve got a good income but you can’t save enough, debt is building and you are feeling out of control with your money. You know it’s going downhill fast and the worry is intensifying. You are not sure what steps to take, but feel like once you get some guidance you can fly with it on your own.

This Describes Me

2. Money Health For Life 

3 Month Comprehensive Money Coaching Plan

Who is this right for?
You feel like you’re earning a lot. You are in debt, can’t pay all your bills and aren’t saving for the future. You are vague as to where the money is going but you know you are digging a hole deeper and deeper.

You never learned how to manage money or your childhood experiences are driving some pretty unhealthy behavior now. If you are a couple maybe when you try talking about money you wonder why you got married in the first place.

You don’t know where to start or what to do.

This seems to be a pattern and you are sick and tired of the constant worry and sleepless nights. You are ready to tackle this overwhelming problem but can’t do it on your own. You need someone who is going to get you on track with ongoing support, knowledge, guidance and accountability.

This Describes Me
Financial Recovery saved our marriage! We were naive about money and had only limited understanding of its significance in a relationship. Neither of us had money management skills, nor did we have the vocabulary to discuss financial affairs. Our finances soon became muddled, a source of stress, a wedge between us. We are so fortunate to have been guided by Resa and the tools of Financial Recovery toward a more realistic and healthy approach to money matters. With our financial house in order, we now enjoy making smart decisions together about spending and saving. We highly recommended Resa!”Lorie and Jeff, Married with Children

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