money management: jump start your money health

Jumpstart Your Money Health 

90 Minute One-On-One Intensive Session

Who is this right for?

You’ve got a good income but you can’t save enough, debt is building and you are feeling out of control with your money management. You know it’s going downhill fast and the worry is intensifying. You are not sure what steps to take, but feel like once you get some guidance you can fly with it on your own.

Here’s how it works:

Before the call you will receive a pre-session questionnaire so that when we meet we hit the ground running. Information that includes your current and past financial situation, what processes you currently have for money management, and your greatest concerns will help give me a jump start on the best approach for our session.

We have a 90 minute private coaching session.
This is where we will get down to the nitty gritty of what your financial situation is. We’ll analyze the ins and outs of your money management, in detail!  We’ll be thorough in discerning good habits, bad habits, debt and money leaks. I’ll be brutally honest so you know what steps to take and the changes you need to make to improve your finances.

Getting clear on your finances is not guesswork. We will be using a proprietary financial tracking and planning system as part of our session that will clarify what’s specifically happening with your money. The program is included in the package for you to continue to use on your own. It’s an easy to understand but powerful tool that beats any other financial software out there if your goal is to stay on top of your money and change your life.

We will schedule a 30 minute follow up call 2 weeks after our session to answer any questions and modify anything that needs revising.

Jumpstart Your Money Health works because you learn how to:

1.  Create a spending plan/budget so that you spend mindfully and have enough for the things you really need and want.

2.  Pay off debt so you can be relieved of the constant stress and start really getting ahead with your money management.

3.  Build a habit of savings (and have the money to save!), so you can start planning a great  future.

Imagine not having financial worries. I have worked with many clients who felt their money problems would never end, but with our work together they got a grip on their finances, and are living a much more satisfying and joyful life.

Resa Shore has a very intuitive approach. She understood how to accommodate my business requirements, while helping me to evaluate my personal financial needs in the midst of unexpected transitions in my life. Her guidance in balancing savings and debt have been transformative in my ability to create a positive financial plan for my future, allowing me to continue moving forward in my teaching career and arts profession.S.T. – Professor

You can absolutely do this!


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