People often think that the only way to make substantive progress is by committing to huge change or depriving themselves of the things they want. I love the way David Krueger MD (author of The Secret Language of Money) spells out how little things really make a difference. He explains it so succinctly in his current article where it applies to both money and food:

How Two French Fries Weigh 40 Pounds

  1. Putting on 40 pounds over 10 years means gaining an average of four pounds per year.
  2. 40 pounds divided by 10 years equals 4 pounds per year. Four pounds divided by 12 months equals .33 (1/3) of a pound per month
  3. This is approximately 1/100th of a pound per day (1/3 pound divided by 30 days).
  4. One pound of stored fat represents 3500 calories. 3500 times 1/100 equals 35
  5. To achieve the feat of gaining 40 pounds in 10 years, all you have to do is consume an extra 35 calories every day.
  6. 35 calories = two regular French fries

Millionaire Insurance by Age 30

  1. Investing $1.50 per day beginning at age 20 – based on the stock market average growth since 1926 – by age 65 will be worth $1 million.  Wait until age 21 instead of 20: the difference is $109,000.
  2. Investing $2,000 per year in an IRA beginning at age 18, then stopping all investment by age 30, by age 65 will be worth $1 million.

So whenever you get overwhelmed at the idea of making a commitment to change, remember that little things count!