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Learn How Liberating It Can Be to Have a Budget

As a money coach I talk to lots of people about money. I notice that the word “budgeting” almost always triggers a subtle (or not so subtle) grimace. Most people don’t want to hear about budget strategies, let alone do them. According to a poll by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 57% of respondents viewed budgeting as nothing more than […]

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End of Life Planning: The Most Thoughtful Thing You Can Do for Your Family

We think there’s always plenty of time to create a living trust and a will. Plenty of time to organize our legal documents, update our login information and make sure we’ve identified our heirs. But sometimes there’s not time. We don’t know what’s going to happen to us or our families. Many families these days […]

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Is Poor Financial Management Making you Crazy?

We help people understand how to pay off card card-debt or create a budget without running around in the dark toward a concrete wall (let’s be honest–that’s what paying off credit-card debt feels like). When your efforts fail, you don’t know how to get out of debt with bad credit, and your stress keeps growing, it’s […]

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Learn about “Keeping Your Head on a Swivel”

I love this expression. It’s so descriptive “Keeping Your Head on a Swivel” is a military term that means “be aware of what’s going on around you.” For a soldier, that could mean the difference between life and death. But in everyday life it’s critical as well because stuff happens! Pay attention, and be ready […]

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Better Financial Management: How to Create a Budget and Pay Off Debt

When spring flowers bloom we seem to sprout motivation to freshen up our lives. Luckily that often translates to purging closets, organizing garages, and cleaning windows. How about taking the same approach with your money. It will put a spring in your financial step! […]

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Learn How DIY Is Not Always The Right Choice

Last year we did some remodeling to our house. Remodeling… that’s when money hemorrhages at the speed of a nail gun. In a moment of monetary anxiety, I considered saving money by doing the complicated interior painting myself. Clearly the hemorrhaging clouded my sanity. Kudos to our contractor for repressing his laughter. Luckily, sanity surfaced quickly … […]

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Learn How Paying off Credit Cards May Not Be the Best Option

Have you ever been in this situation? You get a big tax refund, or a good bonus and you can’t wait to blast a big chunk off your credit card balance. Sounds logical. So when I tell my clients “not yet”. Build up your savings first. I usually get this response: “What?1? Don’t pay down my Credit Card.” […]

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How to Forget Resolutions. Just Be Sensible

January at my gym is a zoo! It’s New Years resolution time. The new “lose weight, be healthy” crowd flock in.

Parking, getting a lane in the pool, or getting a spot in my Pilates class takes on battle tones. Don’t get me wrong. I applaud the good intentions and I don’t mean to be disrespectful. But I do know that by the end of the month, parking won’t be an issue and I won’t be sharing a lane in the pool. […]

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Strategic Financial Planning: How to Celebrate the Holidays Without Going into Debt

Here we go! The holiday frenzy has begun.
Does holiday spending stress you out? Do you find yourself spending in ways you really don’t want? Have you lost the joy of celebrating? Are you overwhelmed by your credit card bills once the holiday madness has diminished? If so, perhaps it’s time to stop. […]

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Staying Organized is Money in the Bank

Creative ways to save money and score bargains are plentiful. But before you download your next price comparison, consider this: You can save money just by getting organized.

Disorganization is an insidious drain on your bank account. When you plug it up, you can bolster your finances without needing to search for the next great deal.

First, I have a disclaimer. Organization is not my strong suit. So there are a few things I know first hand. […]

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