"I was making a great income and assumed  that would solve my worries. Instead, my credit card debt increased, and I kept spending. I was  depressed and anxious about not saving and felt like such a failure around my  money. Working with Resa really changed my life. I was able to get clarity on where my money was going, and saw how often I sabotaged myself. I learned how attitudes I absorbed from my parents became unhealthy for me.  I am in a wonderful place financially now and  that would never have happened without Resa's help."

S. Kaplan, Operations Manager

"When I made a career transition and started my own business, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to earn enough. I saved everything I could. Resa Shore has been a guiding force in my realization that my fears have kept me from having clarity on my financial success, and how much deprivation I was in personally. Her insight and support is keeping me on track to look at the reality of my finances and live a more balanced life."

Dave H. – Cabinetmaker

"Resa Shore has a very intuitive approach. She understood how to accommodate my business requirements, while helping me to evaluate my personal financial needs in the midst of unexpected transitions in my life. Her guidance in balancing savings and debt have been transformative in my ability to create a positive financial plan for my future, allowing me to continue moving forward in my teaching career and arts profession."

S.T. – Art Professor

"Financial Recovery saved our marriage!  We were naive about money and had only limited understanding of its significance in a relationship. Neither of us had money management skills, nor did we have the vocabulary to discuss financial affairs.  Our finances soon became muddled, a source of stress, a wedge between us.  We are so fortunate to have been guided by Resa and the tools of Financial Recovery toward a more realistic and healthy approach to money matters.  With our financial house in order, we now enjoy making smart decisions together about spending and saving.  We highly recommended Resa!"

Lorie and Jeff