Have you tried to budget, vowed to pay off your credit cards and committed to save… repeatedly? The difference we help people understand is how to pay off that card, or attempt the budget, without running in the dark, blind, toward a concrete wall (because let’s be honest that’s what paying off credit card debt feels like). When your efforts just don’t work and your stress keeps growing, that’s when we think it’s the cue that you need help.

Who do you turn to? What do I do? Do people even budget anymore in 2o18? We get it. Keep reading.

On the “I have money” side of finances, there are investment advisors and financial planners. They invest your money to provide for retirement and handle portfolio management, insurance and tax and estate planning.

On the other “I don’t have a lot (or any) money” side, there are debt counselors or credit counselors that offer minimal support with strict budget limitations for people that are struggling with debt. Tons of people out there don’t fit into either of those categories.

What if you’re earning good money but can’t figure out where it’s going or how to save or why you’re always in debt? (You’re not alone!) Or why money is such a charged issue with your partner?! (But I just want a new car!)

You need a money coach! (Aka Resa at Your Money Health)

A money coach works with you to change your behaviors around money. That might be teaching you about daily money management, how to create more savings, stop overspending or get rid of debt.

But, of course, if having control of your money was just about making a budget and adding and subtracting, everyone would be in financial bliss. The reality is that understanding your emotions around money is the game changer. Emotions are messy and they mess with your money. A money coach also works with you to identify the attitudes and beliefs that we don’t realize we have but wreak havoc with our finances.

Best plan of attack: if your money is making you crazy, and stress and frustration are following you to bed at night, you might want to call a money coach.